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Inheritance ISAs

Inheritance ISAs – the new(ish) rules Did you know that you can inherit your partner's ISA savings? New rules effective from April 2015 that mean ISA assets can now be passed to spouses/civil partners and keep their tax-friendly status. However many people are unaware...

ISA transfers: How do you move on?

ISA transfers: How do you move on? Are your ISA’s working for you? Sometimes, having owned your Individual Savings Account (ISA) for a few years, you might notice that the interest or underlying investments no longer give you the return that you need. You may have...

Make the most of your ISA allowance while you can!

Make the most of your ISA allowance while you can! Are you using your ISA allowances each tax year? You wouldn't want to miss out on a year's worth of tax efficiency, so now's the time to take a look at your savings and move your money within the tax efficient...

Referendum on EU

Referendum on EU Hi and welcome to my latest blog where I thought I would talk a bit about the forthcoming referendum on EU as this is such a current topic. I don’t know about you but here in Braintree, Essex we seem to be getting flyers and information on ‘BRITEX’...

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Focus on state pensions

Welcome to my third blog where this time I want to focus on state pensions. I recently went to a Women in Business networking (WIBN) meeting in Dunmow, Essex. This is a regular meeting that I attend on a monthly basis and this month fell on International Women’s Day...

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Another Benefit to Marriage!

Another Benefit to Marriage! Welcome to my second blog, where I felt I should be a bit more adviser focused and discuss an Allowance that was introduced fairly recently and that very few of the people I talk to are aware of. We are approaching the end of the current...

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The Fitness regime continues..

The Fitness regime continues.. Following on from my new fitness regime in my wisdom I decided that I would like to do something for charity associated with my new found hobby. Low and behold something came up at the Felixstowe Lunches. We had a guest arrive Fiona who...

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