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Housing Market, Mortgages and Later Life Lending

Market Overview The housing market remains buoyant, driven largely by the Stamp Duty holiday due to be phased out by 1st October ‘21. The Pandemic has also created a lot of home movers who wanted to change their own living circumstances. House prices have been...

Women lagging behind in Financial Planning

Men undertake financial planning duties more than women, Money Management data shows. According to a survey conducted at least 43 per cent of advisers said it is generally men among married couples who take the lead in planning. As women statistically live longer than...

Taxation of pension income

Key points You can currently access your pension pot from age 55, at which point you can take up to 25% of your pension fund value as tax-free cash, either as a lump sum or regular income. The remainder of the funds left in your pension pot are then taxable as income...

Are You Caving In?

Are You Caving in? Well here we are in January 2016, this is my third year working being told by my marketing manager Wayne Collier has been nagging me to write a blog .... and more to the point.... then keep writing one! So, it would seem that I have finally seen the...

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