Long Term Care

Who Will Pay For Your Long Term Care?

If you are unfortunate enough to need to receive care for an extended period of time you may also be hit with the cost of it. Whether the care is in a home or at your own residence, your finances will be assessed when considering who will pay and how much each party must contribute.

As a means tested benefit, how much state paid care you receive will be decided on by your local authority. The reality is that without careful planning you would likely have to dip into your largest assets primarily your home. As this is something you have worked your life to build up and you most likely wish to pass this on to your children, it makes sense to put provisions in place for something most of us will have to deal with to some extent.

The area of deciding who pays for care is extremely complicated and ideally means that an independent financial adviser is involved. If you have any queries as to what would happen should you need long term care please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Power Of Attorney

As well as being an extremely complex area, it may become more complicated if your mental capabilities start to deteriorate. Agreeing when and what care you want and planning for foreseeable difficulties can feel like lifting a large financial and emotional burden.

A Power of Attorney means that someone else takes charge of decisions that involve your finances and should only be used when you are truly incapable of making your own decisions. Planning what should happen ahead of time however is something everybody should consider.

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